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I Am - the movie that changes everything
I Am
Lance Vita
Aaron Rossdale
Trevor Evans
Jake Russell
Dr. Ortus
Angelica Vita
Alice Bordeaux
Lt. Everett
Spenser Hamilton
Will Evans
Selani's Girlfriend
Natalie Hamilton
Gate Agent
Police Officers

Sarah Russell
Young Aaron
Young Will
Tomas Boykin
Jay Hindle
John Ward
Todd Zeile
Stefan Hajek
Greg Fisk
Christinna Chauncey
Gary Edward
Amy Holland
Laura Denton McHenry
Josephine Gammell
Clay Randall
Rosalie Autumn Miller
Kate Bishop
Garret Zeile
Hannah Zeile
Marijana Pecijarevska
Laura Cooper
Joy Dineo
Erin Stegeman
Jamie McDaniel
Ace Marrero
Barnaby Barilla
Ed Conti
Courtney Duckworth
Ian Zeile
Aaron Zeile
Director of Photography

Executive Producer

UPM/Line Producer
1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
Production Manager
Assistant Camera
Production Coordinator
Script Supervisor
Production Design
On-set Decorator



Production Accountant
Unit Publicist
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Music Supervisor
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Story/Screenplay by
John Ward
Chris Marcus
John Ward
Chris Marcus
Todd Zeile
Jeff Pries
Stefan Hajek
Aaron Breeden
Stefan Hajek
Courtney Duckworth
Noah Drucker
Maddy Curley
David Ward
Bryce Harvey
Stephen Herman
Laura Denton McHenry
Tina Treglia
Jamie McDaniel
Crystal Joyner
Elizabeth Bozzo
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Chris Marcus
John Ward

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I Am the movie that changes everything
A very humble thank-you to the over 2,500 churches who chose to show I Am on their campuses and in their communities worldwide! We set out to create a film which would evoke conversation amongst the people who watched it, and thanks to you, over 1,000,000 people saw the movie before its release on DVD. For those of you who saw the movie and want to see it again and share it, and for those of you who didn't get the chance to see it, I Am is now out on DVD, available everywhere! Find it HERE.
I Am
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I AM, the movie, offers an insight into the true nature of our God, and fights the damaging stereotypes of His character through a gritty, non-linear drama with a plot weaving around average people violating the Ten Commandments -- one by one. In the movie, I Am, we see that these commandments were not edicts from a jealous God, but a love letter to humanity -- a warning to those who don't understand the massive consequences of even the smallest sins upon ourselves andThrough the movie, I AM, we join an eclectic cast as they try to untangle themselves from the web of sin. All along the way, each character in I Am are each joined by a mysterious companion -- ever present with a loving guidance without judgement for their actions. The more they attempt to fix their lives, the deeper they sink into chaos, pain, and loss. In addition, we discover that sin is a matrix connecting even the most remote of strangers to one another. No man is an island. One sin penetrates society like a single stone thrown into a pond. The ripple of sin grows as they affect more and more people, until it swells as a giant wave engulfing an entire city.Finally, one by one, the characters of the film,

I Am, come to surrender the mess of their lives, and accept the wisdom of this mysterious stranger. He is a man with no name, no home, no beginning, no end... He simply is -- always.For the first time ever, ONLY CHURCHES will be allowed to premiere a faith-based movie (I AM) on their own campus before anyone else! Don’t miss the movie, I Am, and the moment! .I AM is a powerful, thought provoking film that will keep you on the edge of your seat while illustrating the relevance of the Ten Commandments in our modern lives.With a special opening message by author Lee Strobel, you can create a powerful moment in your church that will generate conversation, excitement, outreach, and most importantly help us all better understand the heart of the great I AM, God Himself.Become a PREMIERE EVENT CHURCH for the movie, I Am! You’ll receive a special discount and an incredible host kit that includes: promotional movie trailers, posters, flyers, movie tickets, promotional ideas, and a special license to show the film, I Am, to an unlimted audience during the enitre month of October!I Am, coming to you in the tenth month of the tenth year of this century. I Am, a movie to enhance the relationship between you and God. I Am, the experience. I Am, the movie. I Am!

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From the creators of I Am comes a new film, Heart of the Country Follow Heart of the Country on Facebook Visit the Heart of the Country official website Buy the book and enter for a chance to be in the movie.

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